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Test Results

Congratulations go out to all the skaters who tested at the August 26 test session:


Pre-Preliminary Moves:  Lucy Cui

                                Natalie George

                                Anna Gossett (June)

Preliminary Moves:  Sydney Smith

Pre-Juvenile Moves:  Mackenzie Nelsen

Intermediate Moves:  Ava Kate Lowery

Adult Pre-Bronze Move:  Panipak Kumgade

Swing Dance:  Ava Kate Lowery

                     Hayden Chang

                     Jack Liu

Fiesta Tango:  Ava Kate Lowery

Cha Cha:  Ava Kate Lowery

Novice Solo Free Dance:  Daniel Block

                                   Jules Gaddy

                                   Anne Eden (Masters)

Starlight Waltz:  Monica Jackson

Senior Free Dance:  Dawn Talkington

Senior Solo Free Dance:  Rose Johnson

                                   Monica Jackson